what does it mean to be free?

This is a question that I have asked myself many times before but after a year and a half of living outside of the United States it feels even more timely.

Right now, as a digital nomad I have the privilege of traveling the world full-time and while travel seemed to be the selling factor- lately I've been rethinking my priorities and values. Having the privilege of time is a new concept to me and one that truly was my ancestors' wildest dreams.

When I initially started my business as a remote wellness practitioner, my head was filled with so many ideals about what being a "successful" entrepreneur and business owner meant. Success equated to money and I could not get out of the cycle of selling my hours for a certain price. The last several months have been an admittedly challenging shedding of these capitalistic and money-driven ideas for my life and the success of my business.

Money can bring a lot of opportunities and value to one's life, but for many of us we are working to earn the privilege of time somewhere in the future. This concept always reminds me of the parable about the fisherman and the businessman.

The tl;dr version is that people will often overly focus on making money to earn flexibility of time when a few tweaks to our current life can mean accessing it now. Right now!

Lately, I have let go of the stress of expecting my annual income to match or exceed that of my former life working for other people. One day I had to look around and realize that having 3-hours to myself each morning, flexible days, siestas mid-day, and the ability to be more present with friends and family were PRICELESS. I am no longer working to live, I am simply living and experiencing a beautiful balance of income-producing activities along the way.

Finally, I am FREE.

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