good vibes only.

I'm happy. Got that deep down joy that doesn't overlook the things that aren't going well but stays steady with you because you know everything will be alright. That ocean deep. That soul-cleansing deep. Coming into 2018 feeling free and authentically myself. That's all I could have ever hoped for from the last 33 years in this lifetime.

Currently, I am at the laundromat working, sending emails, and taking breaks here and there to reflect on the last three months of life. A dear friend of mine shared with me her process of quarterly reflections that I have adopted to stay centered on my areas of growth and accomplishments. Celebrating myself has changed the game for me when it comes to my sense of self and my joy. External validation is cool and I want to prioritize always being in company of folks that lift me up, however, it starts here- home.

The questions I make a practice of answering for myself every three months are:

  1. What were your three greatest achievements that you wish to celebrate or acknowledge yourself for​? Finishing my semester with a 4.0, launching mindofmeek officially, and practicing my Spanish enough to be conversational in Mexico.

  2. What were your greatest breakthroughs? Letting go of the need to do what others expect of me or the things that make others most comfortable. Letting go of the fear of rejection.

  3. What did you do to surprise yourself? Step out of my comfort zone repeatedly. Stand more firmly in my own self-confidence.

  4. How will you celebrate your accomplishments? By going on a run in the morning...but for now I'm going to finish this bottle of wine.

I encourage you to take some time soon for some reflection of your own. Feel free to use these prompts or find something else that feels good for you. If you are open to share, I'm open to listening.

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