soul vows: the 2018 edition

Rumi quote: "You were born with wings..."

Four years ago, I began setting my intentions for the new year through the creation of "soul vows". Soul vows are different from resolutions in that they are beyond a tangible goal for the year, but an intention for me to step into the next year grounded in.

My 2018 soul vow is:

"I vow to align each decision that I make with my understanding

of my own internal wisdom and that of my ancestors, guides, and protectors."

Born from the recent realization that I know myself more than I ever have in this very moment, it is time to set the expectation for myself that all of my decisions reflect this. This past year I have grown in the ways that I take care of myself, which I am proud of. Still, I am really good at rewarding myself (the Taurus in me) and somehow my rewards often represent things that distract me from my greater purpose and current path to be the best me that I can be.

My soul vows call to mind a (re)commitment to eat the things that feel best for me, pay attention to my use of mind-altering substances, move my body regularly, meditate/reflect consistently, be conscious of my exposure to toxins, live more sustainably, get into nature regularly, be inspiring with my words, be mindful of the way I relate to other people, watch and listen to things that inspire me, make my lunch each day, and start my day with intention and focus rather than social media. This may sound like a lot to some, however these are all habits that I have embodied recently that have affirmed for me the fact that they support me in thriving. I don't have unrealistic expectations for myself that each day will perfectly reflect these commitments. I do have more clarity around my challenges in staying consistent with some of these and am taking the steps to stay focused and grounded.

Whereas my soul vow is the foundation for this next year, there is something tangible that I am looking forward to. I will be graduating in May with a masters degree in Integrative Health, which has been a fairly short, albeit difficult, road. I have been both a full-time professional and graduate student so I am really looking forward to celebrating my accomplishments with a nice break. Once this chapter of my life closes the next will begin and I have no idea which direction the universe will pull me in. By this time next year I am not certain how my destiny will have manifested but I am eagerly awaiting the reveal. Truth be told, I believe that my soul vow is the path that will get me there and allow me to continue noticing and honoring the wisdom that will support me. Thanks for being on this journey with me.


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