winter solstice 2017

The ways life can change in one short year are miraculous to me. This time last year I was in a relationship and welcoming the sun with my partner and his family, I'd just finished my first semester of graduate school, and I had no idea the many changes and growth that were on the horizon. I'm grateful for the many opportunities I have had to get to know myself more and understand what I expect out of life and love, but most of all of myself.

As I reflect on what life has been like since winter solstice 2016, a sense of joy washes over me. Countless times within the last year I have been met with situations causing me to feel discomfort, calling for me to step into the fear. Countless times within the last year I have accepted these challenges, submitting to the direction spirit is moving me in.

Looking ahead to 2018, my motto will be "living my dreams in 2018". Some of my closest friends and I have been creating slogans to carry us through the next year for more than 10 years now so it's become a tradition. This year, "living my dreams" reminds me of the power of manifestation and encourages me to continue setting intentions and giving gratitude for the things that have already come to fruition. I am reminded with each day, each moment, each decision of my power and the beauty that occurs when one is walking in their divine path. This will require a shift in mindset towards abundance with lots of space given for reflection and mindfulness.

I welcomed this next phase tonight with ceremony. After lighting my copal and sitting in reflection of the many blessings the last year has brought, I drew two of my Black Angel cards to provide some insight. One on the things I may want to look at letting go and one to identify my current source of strength.

Let go - Earth Mother

This card is all about letting go the illusion of strength. Fitting. It calls for me to allow my feelings to surface more and to begin acknowledging my boundaries. Validating that it is OK to not try and hold everything. As a full-time professional that is also in graduate school full time, I needed to hear this. The last semester was trying and looking forward, I want this year to be smoother than last. This means understanding that a packed schedule is not the extent of what "holding"things can look like. In addition to the many "to-do's" on my list recently, I had to learn the hard way how overwhelming emotional and sociopolitical energy can be! We live, we learn.

Source of strength - The Seer

This card was affirming of my commitment to "follow the path of my soul" and mentions fully trusting my intuition. At this point along my path, I honestly don't feel as though I have much more than this to lean on. I am walking on blind faith and trusting that I will continuously be where I need and have my needs met. It also mentions my connection to the past, present, and future as well as my guides and ancestors- sources of support that are keeping me grounded right now. I walk a lonely road right now and if it weren't for my sense of groundedness, my joy could easily come across as pain.

What lovely messages to welcome the sun with! In the upcoming week, I will work on more clearly defining my intentions and soul vows for the next year. I'd love to share them with you as they develop.


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