raw food update: day 14

Two weeks have passed since beginning this raw vegan journey and I have some great news. First off and most exciting- I have DEFINITELY noticed an improvement in my hay fever symptoms and chronic post-nasal drip. This is one of the primary reasons I began the cleanse as I really wanted to see if my body could heal taking a break from potential irritants. I can't explain how wonderful it has been to not wake up hacking or coughing. Anyone who knows me knows that I usually have kleenex everywhere around me- under my pillow, in my pockets, etc for use when my throat acts up. Its been a welcomed break to not have to depend on kleenex. I also learned, with great clarity, that there are actually some fruits and vegetables that significantly contribute to my hay fever.

For many years, I've suspected mild allergies to certain foods, but nothing seemed life-threatening enough to remove them from my diet. Some of the culprits have always been kiwi, banana, and avocado as well as some melons. The first three listed are strongly associated with a latex allergy, which I also knowingly have- though kiwi is not something that I ever eat. So how did I notice the impact bananas were having? After feeling much better and experiencing less post-nasal drip, I made a banana smoothie before bed- something I never do. Within about 2 hours of falling asleep, I awoke to find my eyes itchy and swollen and a lot of uncomfortable phlegm in my throat. Since then Ive been able to pay attention to the way my body feels after each meal with greater awareness. Based on my observations and felt experiences, I will be removing the following from my diet for the remainder of this cleanse:


-avocado (so difficult!)







Although I will not be reintroducing some of the foods, I will attempt to reintroduce some, like tomato, to take note of the impact they have on my immune system.

Beyond this, I have also begun having cravings for cooked foods, however I notice that they usually mean I am getting hungry. They tend to go away after I eat. Twice in the last week I have eaten a cooked food- rice. It seems like my body needed it and as long as everything else was vegan and plant-based I felt ok. That deviation didn't take too much of a toll on my system, although I did feel especially full. Other than that I haven't had any difficulty sticking to my plan and am really feeling great from head to toe. I've been donating blood for research lately and they always start by testing the hemoglobin levels in my blood, and they are always proclaiming I have very high numbers. This is a relief as I fear having low-iron due to this diet but have yet to have experienced it.

In terms of cooking, most of my meals are becoming duplicative. I have also been more inclined to eat "mono-meals" which is a term for eating one food item until you get full. My favorite mono-meals have been dried figs. One new recipe in my life that I love is a snack that I have been making. I call it the Powerball because of its nutritious ingredients. The Powerball consists of dried dates, dried figs, a few raisins, coconut flakes, chia seeds, flax seeds, cinnamon, and cashews. They are sweet and delicious.


Anyway-so far so good with this cleanse. I will continue monitoring the post-nasal drip and will update in the next week or so.

Take care & much love!

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