raw food update: day 8

This may sound slightly anticlimactic but... I feel really good. All of the detox symptoms have subsided and around day 6 I began feeling super energized. One of the things I was most nervous about, mostly due to the stigma of vegan and especially raw vegan diets, was attending my favorite "extreme" workout class at work. It is an hour and fifteen minutes of intense, full-body, circuit training with a heavy emphasis on the core. I felt my energy was sustained throughout the workout and I even managed to go grocery shopping afterward. As a matter of fact, I was so energized yesterday that it took longer for me to get to sleep! I'm not sure if this will last, but I've been enjoying it.

After more than a week, I think I have my flow down when it comes to my nightly prep routine. Although I already had a habit of preparing my lunch for work before starting this cleanse, I will say that my prep time has increased significantly. This has come as a surprise to me since I assumed I was eating more simplistically and therefore would have less need for prep. Between chopping veggies, blending smoothies, and straining almond milk or juice this lifestyle can be a time drain. When grocery shopping last night, I actually bought some coconut milk for my smoothies because the time to make daily almond milk was a little much for my routine. I'm feeling good about the adjustment so far.

Other things I am experiencing:

-I have not had any cravings for cooked food. Seriously. I will not be surprised if that changes soon though.

-I have gained some clarity in my thoughts and have noticed that I feel more eloquent with better word recall.

-My bowel movements are still not quite solid but after a quick trip to the bathroom I feel like ten million bucks.

-Spiritually, I have noticed that during meditation, I go deeper, faster.

-One of the biggest reasons for the cleanse was to try and cure my chronic post nasal drip that I've lived with for 15 years but I am still experiencing the same level of sinus issues. No change there- at least not yet.

Here are some of my favorite recipes from the last few days:

Carrot/Mango/orange/ginger juice

Zucchini noodles w tomato/red bell pepper/garlic sauce

Stuffed Bell Peppers

(mushrooms, kale, cashews, garlic, carrot, sesame seed oil, raisins & red bell pepper)

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