30-day raw vegan cleanse

As a health coach and someone committed to living my best life, I am always trying to find ways to give my body what it needs. This begins with listening to it. Last year, after realizing I was suffering from fatigue and severe brain fog, I went on an elimination diet which led to my current gluten-free lifestyle (although when travelling, I will often try some wheat-based products). Since then I have felt great and more in tune with my bodies needs. Other foods I cut back on due to the ways in which it impacts my body include broccoli, eggs, and beef. I think it's important to state here that although we often associate all fruits and vegetables as "healthy", when I discuss listening to one's body to figure out the best way to eat, it is not just framed in a vegetarian/vegan lens. All dietary types can live their best life and get to know their bodies a little better. One particular eating style and/or cleanse that I've been researching lately is the raw vegan lifestyle.

As some of you know, I was vegetarian for 10 years (albeit very unhealthy the first few) and vegan for 3 of those years. During my time as a vegan, I had a lot of energy, yet there were a lot of digestive issues that I experienced. My belief is that it was due to the enormous amounts of wheat/gluten and beans I was eating at the time. This time around, I am comfortable with the balance I have in life concerning dietary habits. I eat mostly vegan at home and when eating away from home, an open to eating meat and (at times) dairy. Even though I am feeling the healthiest I have ever been, I feel that this would be a good time to do a "reset" to my system and see how a 30-day raw food cleanse may impact my physical and spiritual health as well as my internal body.

My plan is to have a smoothie in the mornings for breakfast, snacks of fruits and nuts throughout the day, a large salad for one of my remaining meals for the day, and finally a creative raw food recipe for the other (like zucchini noodles, etc). I went grocery shopping the other day and it was an interesting experience seeing the entire conveyor belt in the store filled with fruits and veggies. I felt like the healthiest person on earth and it looked like a ton of food! My expectation is that I will eat as much as I need so I wanted to stack up for this first week or so. Here is my fridge as of today:

I also got plenty of frozen veggies for my smoothies to accompany my fresh fruits and veggies. At this point I am very much looking forward to this journey. It is already day 3 and I am noticing how long it takes for me to feel hungry in the mornings after waking. I am a regular breakfast eater and usually get hungry within 30 minutes of waking up. Today I was up for almost 2 hours before eating and still was not hungry by the time I prepared breakfast! Small observation but noticeable for me.

Feel free to ask questions about other ways I prepared for this journey, if interested. Much love.

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