moon magic on the river

As I become more in tune with my body, I notice with a greater awareness its needs and felt experience which is why I knew this weekend was much needed.

On Friday, myself and three of my favorite Bay Area folx packed up and headed

russian river, guerneville, ca- 2017

to Guerneville, CA to spend time at Russian River, a small-town queer oasis about 1.5 hours north of San Francisco. By the time we'd reached Richmond Bridge I could feel some of the strain from recent day-to-day stressors begin to peel off, liberating me- if for nothing more than the next 48 hours. I attribute that first wave of weekend healing to the bay waters we had to cross in order to reach our destination. Water has always been able to absorb whatever heavy energies I carry and it shows up exactly when I most need it, something I'm always in awe about.

Once we arrived Friday evening, we spent some much needed time relaxing in a nearby cabin that two of us were renting. That first night was mostly spent storytelling, laughing, feeling good, and eating good. I should have known the universe had something special in store for us when we woke up Saturday morning and the crows that live near our campsite left a gift of a single black feather in front of both doors of the tent we were sleeping in. Crows are often a symbol for magic and divination. They knew what was in store before we were able to greet the day.

Much to my delight and aligned with my needs for restoration, our goal for the Saturday sunlight was simply to float out into the river. We tied our tubes together with 2 coolers full of drinks and snacks and proceeded to float freely for a few hours. It took some work getting to a good location as we were headed against the slow current but was worth it in the end. Our reward- soaking up sun and drifting in and out of sleep.

As if four Black Queer people at a river aren't magical enough, the weekend we chose to getaway just so happened to include a full moon. What I knew going into this weekend was that we were going to hold a moon ceremony. What I learned was how powerful the energy of four healers coming together with intention is. The ceremony was beautiful and exactly what we needed. We set intentions, shared our gifts with one another, and watched the fire dance!

Sunday was a very easygoing day that began with a great breakfast after packing up the campsite. We mostly perused local shops before hitting the road. One stop at a weekend market revealed one of the reasons we were drawn to Russian River this exact weekend. We stumbled upon a booth where a person was selling ceremonial (or display) pieces that their partner, a queer native woman was selling. There were musical instruments, feathers for cleansing/smudging, stones, and much more.The partner was at home not feeling well but I was able to speak to her- thank her- for her work and gifts. The energy surrounding her pieces was undeniable- if paying attention. I was drawn to a drum that had just been made yesterday and only placed out for sale 20 minutes before we arrived! Lately, sound healing has been calling to me, asking to be integrated into my healing work so this was right on time. One of my friends, also growing in her practice as a healer found a gorgeous feather piece to add to her spiritual toolbox that was just what she'd been looking for. Before leaving, the owner asked us to please stop by again, having nothing to do with being repeat customers and everything to do with the energy they said we brought to the booth. Their words brought me to tears. These are the moments that confirm that you are indeed listening to and being led in the direction the divine has laid. Grateful to be on this path and surrounded by amazing folx that understand just what this means.

We dubbed this weekend "Black Quiver" (get it? Black + Queer + River- Ha). An appropriate name for the impact that we had on Guerneville and the powerful spiritual impact experienced by the group. I look forward to partaking in this magic again and hopefully watching it grow as we each invite other loved ones and community to share space.

Much love.

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