About Me

   "Wings with roots" would probably be the best way to describe my spirit. Most people that meet me say that my groundedness is contagious, feeling more at ease when I enter a space. What people don't often know is how integral this sense of groundedness is to my being.

   Originally from Opelousas, Louisiana, I feel most myself when there as I feel deeply connected to my family and place of birth. My other loved ones, chosen family, are then the water to my roots. Knowing these parts of me equal knowing me.

   In contrast, I am a wanderer and free spirit by nature. I have a yearning to explore and learn about different facets of this earth, including her inhabitants. I live my life in a way the creates space for my exploration while considering my impact along the way. To make a living, I dedicate my time towards supporting people on their journeys to becoming holistically healthier versions of themselves, whatever that means to them.

   Together, this blend of the grounded and free create me- a 30-something year old with a commitment to my own healing, an affinity for naps and delicious foods, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. This blog is only but one important piece of my essence- want to find out more? Leave a comment or question in the box below.


Me in Central Park (NYC) 2017

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